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TRUTECH CONSTRUCTION, LLC is more than a construction firm.  We build and renovate healthcare and laboratory facilities because we believe we can create better environments for patients and their caregivers.  Patients come to healthcare centers when they are at their most vulnerable state.  Caregivers are not just doctors, dentists, nurses and pharmacists and etc. they are the hope that patients have for better health, improved quality of life and in some cases a cure.  No space other than someones home can have the capacity to be comforting and safe. 
We know your healthcare facility is more to you than just a building and that details matter.  We are driven with every project to produce healthy, sustainable, energy efficient durable buildings that will last for generations to come.
Our company is comprised of a team with many decades of experience working to find healthcare solutions, support the construction of public health facilities, pharmaceutical production, compounding pharmacies, research institutions and laboratories. 
TRUTECH CONSTRUCTION is passionate about ensuring that our design and construction methods provide healthy, energy efficient, sustainable and environmentally friendly buildings and spaces.  Our buildings and spaces are:
  • solid structures that meets or exceeds current code requirements. Built to endure the test of time and potential climate impact.
  • built with safe building products. low to no VOC and free of harmful contaminants. 

  • built with design and construction methods that reduce moisture potential and mold.

  • designed and constructed to optimize indoor air quality.

  • built with materials that can withstand aggressive cleaning agents required for the reduction of bacteria, fungus and molds.

  • built to meet user and regulatory requirements where applicable.

Trutech Construction is a Florida Licensed General Building Contractor and Roofing service provider license # CBC1262272 and #CCC1331697.   

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