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5 Key Ingredients for Healthcare Construction Management Success

5 Key Ingredients for Healthcare Construction Management Success


Healthcare projects require highly technical and specialty skills to manage them effectively. They are unique the only comparison might be a project to demolition a building in New York City. You won’t find a lot of these types of projects in any other industry. The success or failure of a healthcare facility project can mean the difference between life and death. Through our tenure working in construction management we have found there are really 5 critical areas to focus for the project to be a success.

1. Process

The process for execution of the project should be discussed and agreed to. Sometimes there are lines of communication that need to be agreed to. Routing of specification documents and drawings for approval should be decided prior to project initiation. The process of execution of the project should be reflected generally in the Project Plan.

2. Planning

Planning is not simply a timeline or schedule or Microsoft Project Gantt chart. It is all about those things but some times reviewing only the details makes your team forget the big picture dependencies. A Project Plan should detail processes that are critical to project execution and

3. Budgeting

Budget overruns are commonplace especially when project changes occur during the construction phase of the project. Defining very clear specifications and go no go rules can help maintain control.

4. Communication

Planning for communication is important. Determine the frequency, amount of time, necessary attendees, team leader and meeting minute taker. Distribution of minutes should be consistent they are a record of key decisions made when and WHY.

5. Maintaining Stakeholder Relationships

When tensions rise as they always do, work to bring the project to just what it is. What does the contract say? Gain alignment and remember we have a project to do, let's get it right.

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